Types of Individual Career Counseling Offered

Career and Self Exploration
  • Not just help finding a job, but in finding a goal and an ultimate career direction
  • Focus on an exploration of interest, skills, and values to determine a good "career fit"
  • Career self-assessment tests available:
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Campbell Interest and Skills Survey
Career Research - Is a New Career Area Right for You
  • Assistance in further exploring new areas and ways of finding out about them
  • Discussion of pros and cons (relative to client) of different career fields
  • Assessment of feasibility of making the transition and determination of what additional skills and education (if any) are needed
Educational Research - Is a College, University, or Major Right for You
  • Exploration of personality, skills, values, and interests as they relate both to course of study and potential career direction after school
  • Locating schools and programs and help in determining a "good fit"
  • Assistance in preparing for application process, such as interview prep
General Career Guidance and Career Preparation
  • Interview preparation and "mock" interviews
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Networking skills
  • Job research
  • Salary negotiation

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